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Suslov Aleksey Yur'evich, Candidate of historical sciences, associate professor, sub-department of humanities,
Kazan National Research Technological University (68 Karla Marksa street, Kazan, the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia), 

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Background. The study of the history of the Russian multi-party system requires an analysis of the activities of political parties at the final stage of their existence – in the period of emigration. The goal of the study is to analyze the evolution of the program provisions of the party of socialist-revolutionaries in exile after October 1917.
Materials and methods. Research tasks are addressed through the use of documents derived from the collection Boris I. Nikolaevsky stored in Hoover Institute of war, revolution and peace (USA). These are, first of all, the protocols of the conference of the party of socialist-revolutionaries in Prague in 1931. Methodological potential includes the comparative historical method, application of which allows to trace the evolution of the program provisions of the party; interpretation of historiographical facts based on the principle of historicism, in accordance with which the analysis of one or another theoretical aim is determined by means of ideological attitudes of its author, by peculiarities of the general state of science, trends of social thought, characteristics of social practices and historical memory.
Results. The author studied the evolution of the program goals of the party of socialist revolutionaries in exile by the example of Prague group PSR. Considered are the peculiarities of the perception of the events of 1917 in emigration. The author marked the reflection of the social revolutionary emigrants on the problems of the party history, evaluation of the historical role of neo-populism.
Conclusions. Materials of the conference in Prague, 1931, show the contradictory nature of the transformation of the party of socialist revolutionaries in exile. Under the influence of events in the Soviet Union, the party, on the one hand, lost the revolutionary tradition, on the other - tried to remain faithful to the program provisions. 

Key words

the socialists-revolutionaries party, emigration, democracy, socialism, populism, historiography. 

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